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Who is this guy?

Thank you for your interest in me and what I do. My name is Shane Bost, and I am an internet marketer / entrepreneur / cool guy.  I don’t consider myself an “Expert” or a “Guru” but over the past few years I have been able to create several income streams both online and in the real world.

I own and operate SiteXplosion, a free manual traffic exchange, which is presently my main focus. Growing SiteXplosion into a reliable and effective advertising solution for internet marketers is my highest priority!

I also own Wide Open Industries, a clothing company for those of us that live our life on the edge of “We’re going to die!” and “Go faster!” but love every second. Spreading the Wide Open lifestyle and building a giant family of like minded crazy people is what I love to do.

During the week you can find me online building my business but on the weekend you find me at the local motocross track getting dirty!

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