If you follow me at all…  You probably know that I have been building my list using a super simple system called TEListBuilder.com. This system focuses mainly on free traffic sources and has helped me grow my list slowly but steadily over the past year.

Well this past week I participated in the launch of a new JVzoo product called Affiliate Blogging Ninja and below are a few snap shots of my earnings and my standings in the current leader board as I write this post. I know this in not life changing money by any means but I literally spent 5 minutes loading emails into my autoresponder and went on about my day.

That is the power of affiliate marketing and building your own list!

If you have any interest in learning how I built my list or how I turn that list into a full time income… Connect with me on facebook >> https://www.facebook.com/shane.bost



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  1. Yeah….This is pretty much a must read for anyone that feels like they are spinning their wheels.

    Seriously, you can change your list by building your list!!!!

    Great stuff man, and congrats on those numbers too dude. Get into the Top 5!!!!


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