​I received this question yesterday from
​someone fairly new to internet marketing
​and I thought this might be a topic most
​of you would have questions about as well.

Q. Which is better… free advertising or paid advertising?

A. Both… Lol

​I’ll explain why there is no cut and dry answer
​to “which is better”.

​Free and Paid advertising both have their
​strengths and weaknesses. Both have
​their place in a well planned marketing

​1. It’s free!
​2. Can be duplicated by anyone at anytime.
​3. Grows over time (if you are consistent).

​1. Highly targeted.
​2. Almost instant results.
​3. Easy to scale up.

At the end of the day only you can decide
​how much ​time to ​spend on free ads and
how much ​money to ​spend on paid ads.

​I can tell you a combination of both works
​very well for me and my business.

​​If you have any questions or would like
to ​know my favorite free and paid traffic
​sources, please contact me.

​​I love talking about this stuff 🙂
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  1. There is just so much conflicting advice about free v paid advertising. Means the likes of me are totally confused.

    • Hey Richard… You’re right, there is a lot of conflicting advice out there. That’s why I lean toward using both free and paid traffic. Of course I test and track everything so I know what is working and what is just a waste of time/money. In the end, I find that it really comes down to finding the right offer for each traffic source.


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