Everyday I see and meet “internet marketers” that actually know very little about their chosen business. A large majority of people coming to the internet to earn money are duped by “get rich quick” schemes. They buy in to a program, make a few Facebook posts and just like that they are an internet marketer!

Now don’t get me wrong… This happens to be very similar to how I started out in this industry.

But, I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing. A family member asked me about my business and I honestly couldn’t explain. I decided then and there to dive in head first and learn everything I can about internet marketing… And you should too!

Your success depends on YOU really understanding YOUR business!

The great news is… You are not alone, many have come before you and many have found success. You never have to look too far to find a mentor or someone willing to share their story. There is an abundance of training programs to choose from as well.

Do some research. Find a path that makes sense for you and follow it!


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  1. I agree with that to a degree. But I think a lot of the businesses online can get some to believe the business they join is the one that’ll
    get them the kind of money they want to earn. Of course, this is probably
    not true. One has to have new members, and a way to get them ;and, member
    that will duplicate what you are doing to earn online. Most do not give you the training and tools to create an online income. So, one just works
    and works without any real results. I know this is simplistic what I am saying here. There is a great amount of time and money that must be invested in order to make any business work for you. Steve S.

  2. So true. Too many people think they kan make 1k overnight doing just nothing. Just have to sign up and pay som fees to a program and then, BOOM, they are a millionaire…… No, it is not working so. Internet- and affiliate marketing is HARD work…..


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